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When people ask what we hold dearest to our hearts, most of us have the same answer. That answer is almost always the day our children were born. Birth photography is foreign to a lot of people, but has proven to be a priceless investment time and time again. Even for myself- the images captured of my sons being born are something that i will return to even at an old age. These images stand still in time, and bring back every emotion, smell, and sound from that day!


Birth documentation takes experience, and knowledge of the birthing process. With my package prices, I have accounted for: my cost of doing business, my experience and equipment, your on-call period, the hours of attendance and image processing time. 

Knowledge: I have covered many births, ranging from hospital, natural, epidural, cesarean, home and birth center. I have a great knowledge of the birthing process and I am able to act professionally during unexpected emergencies. You can trust that you will feel comfortable having me in your space during your most vulnerable moments and I know exactly what to capture.

Preparation: I have equipment prepared for any lighting situation, with backups of each, in the case of any technical difficulties. I work with professional equipment, and you will never have to worry about changing your preferred lighting to accommodate me.  Because I do have children, I also have a paid babysitter on call during your on call period, to avoid any mishaps. 

             On-Call Period: Any time I book a family for birth documentation, I go on call two weeks before and after the expected due date. This means I do not have any contracted events scheduled that would cause me to miss your birth. I also do not travel during this time.

Peace of Mind: By hiring a professional, you can be assured that the images from your birth will be quality, well taken images that you will be proud to show off for generations and generations. You can focus on giving birth -and your partner can focus on being your support!  I separate myself from the chaos and emotion enough to continue photographing with a focused mind, never missing any important moments. 

Time: The shortest birth I have attended has been 8 hours. I can spend up to 24 hours with you and your family, and the end result is so worth it! The emotion and love I capture during this time is worth every minute away from my own family.  The long hours of this type of work take passion and dedication. I also capture your baby's first hour after birth- documenting all of your first bonding moments with your brand new little one.

Images/Processing: It takes about two weeks to go through each image, adding adjustments or color toning as needed. Once I leave a birth, the job has not yet ended! I still have lots of work to do :)



From transitional stages, to quiet moments, whispers of affirmation from your partner, live birth and the calm that takes over the room immediately after baby enters the world- I will be there for it all. A lot of moms have moments in my images that they don’t remember, or simply didn’t even know existed. 

A huge misconception about birth documentation is that your album will essentially be  full of personal, vaginal shots. Although live birth is the base of your story, you will have SO much more than that! Crowning and live birth only last for a few minutes. This is minuscule compared to the hours of photographing I will spend with you and your family. If requested, I can easily take photos from an angle that captures live birth without exposing any personal areas. Some moms want it all, and some are more modest. I can work with any preference! 


Because I am in constant communication with my clients, and tend to be very assertive- I have never missed a birth. My process has a few things in place to avoid missing the event.Since I know there will be a point when you are too distracted or exhausted to communicate, we will choose two alternate points of contact. From the time you book, I am always requesting updates. This helps me gauge your situation, and gives me a heads up if there is any reason to be to be “on my toes”.  I tell my clients- If you tell your mom, TELL ME! 

If all else fails and I miss your birth due to my own fault, you will be refunded 100%. This includes sickness as well. 

If I miss your birth due to negligence in communication, precipitous labor,  interference with birth staff or an extreme emergency situation I will either pick up where I can (immediately after birth, etc) or you can replace your birth  coverage with a first year package. 

As I  mentioned- this is not expected to happen. I have things in place to ensure I am there. 


I deliver a small sneak peek album within 24 hours. Once your  final album is finished, you will receive an online gallery and a USB Keepsake. Your album will contain  full-resolution images, with download access and print release. You will also receive a small sneak peek album for any social media announcements you may want to make! It takes around two weeks for your album to be completed.


There is a 30% booking deposit, and your remaining balance is due the day of your on-call period.  

Your deposit gives me the go-ahead to avoid booking any contracted events or travel during your expected on-call period. Your remaining balance officially puts me on-call. 

I also require at least one video meeting or in person consultation after booking, to answer any concerns or questions you or your partner may have. During your consultation I will give you the details on when to call, when to update me throughout your pregnancy and we'll look at our schedules to pick out a date for your maternity session. We will also discuss your family dynamics and get to know each other since you will be inviting me into your space during a very intimate time.

Feel free to visit my Instagram to get to know me better, and if you have any questions that still need answers I would love to go through them via video conference! Email me to set it up, and I'll get you scheduled in ASAP! We can go into as much depth as you want during your video conference- I know how big of a decision hiring a birth photographer can be for you and your family! I can't wait to speak with you- and thank you so much for considering me for something SO memorable.

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